Emmy Award-winning New York Times "Life, Interrupted" Video Series

Facing Cancer in Your 20s

"After my diagnosis of cancer at age 22, I moved back into my childhood bedroom so my parents could take care of me. At the same time, I’ve had no choice but to grow up fast."

A Family Gets Cancer

"I've learned that it's not just the patient that gets cancer, but the entire family. My illness and my brother's role as my bone marrow donor has taken an emotional toll on our close-knit family."

Love in the Time of Cancer

"Illness can strengthen and test a relationship. Before the horror of the news of my cancer diagnosis even had time to sink in, I had to absorb a second shock: The chemotherapy treatments that could save my life would also make me infertile."

The Social Network

"Cancer can catch even the best of us off guard. Sometimes the emotions come pouring out. Sometimes they stay locked inside. Either way, cancer can be awkward."

A Guarded Optimism

"A hundred days after my bone marrow transplant, I celebrate a big milestone in my fight against leukemia."

Going Public With Cancer

"Cancer is not something that makes you want to share. It's something that makes you want to hide."